Web Marketing

The greatest website in the world can be like a pearl within an oyster - unless it is seen, its beauty is never recognized.

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In the marketing hints below we hope to help you, from a marketing perspective, to understand your business, your market and your customers. These are important elements leading to a successful business. What cannot be stated strong enough is that, even if you understand and embrace these elements, unless your message gets in the hands of your prospects or customers it can be all for nothing. Cadre specializes in getting our customers' message to their prospects in the greatest advertising media ever invented - the Internet. Getting our clients' sites in first place in the main search engines is our goal and we have demonstrated that capability.

The Six Key Elements
Web Marketing is the application of good general marketing practices with specific attention given to the Internet media and its ever changing technology. All of the elements below are included in the classical elements of general marketing and are, for the most part, independent of your product or service. Web Marketing shares the techniques of other media marketing (print, broadcast ...) but differs in that the availability of techniques for delivering your message are far richer and the audience is much more broad. Whether you are offering legal services or widgets, they all come into play. As we discuss each of the web marketing elements we will define each component and, where appropriate, give you an introduction to the marketing nuances of that element for the web media.

As Cadre works with each of our clients we assist them in analyzing their own organization and analyzing their customers. We tailor the design and content of their website to broadly appeal to their client base but, importantly, especially appeal to and capture their "A-prospects."

  • Know Yourself
  • Know your Customer
  • Build Your Brand
  • Promote your Brand
  • Sell Yourself/Product
  • Maintain & Grow
Know Yourself
Your business brand is about more than the name, logo and services. It's also about what people associate with your business e.g. personalized service, reliability, quality, and know how. If you don't know your own business brand, you cant "sell" or promote it effectively. The business brand also needs to be clear to the customer. Brands don't magically appear; they are crafted and take a lot of "up-front" effort to create. Questions needing deep thought: Who are you? What are your passions? What will make you stand out when contrasted with your competitors? How are you currently perceived?

Know your Customer
Strategically it makes sense to know a lot about your business' potential clients/customers. How else can you craft you website, advertising and even your branding? What is the "persona" who embodies the specific characteristics of your company's target customer? Think carefully about who your customer is for each product what they need and want and how they'll use it. How about this for a curious thought - although you may have identified who your target customer is, are you sure you have really identified your "key" customers. For example, although a divorce attorney can easily assert that all married people are potential clients, wouldn't it make better marketing sense to categorize those clients into revenue producing categories? A few "A-type" clients (e.g. high income) may be preferable to a larger number of "C-type" clients (e.g. low income). Knowing your desired customer as well as all customers can focus your branding and your marketing budgets.

Build Your Brand
Branding includes both style and substance. Once you 'Know Yourself' and 'Know your Customer' then it is time to build your brand, your website and your general marketing plan. You can do it yourself or with help. You can do it all at once or in stages. Regardless of the scope or schedule you will have the framework to build your brand to meet your needs. Oh, by the way, branding is not necessarily a one-time-event. Markets change, demographics change, your business may change and, yes, even you may change. Periodically take the time to revisit your brand and revisit the assumptions you used to build it.

Promote your Brand
You know what your brand is - or at least what you want it to be. It can't be a closely guarded secret - you now have to let the world know just who you are. Since branding is designed to imprint a concept to a company it is important that almost everything you do with respect to your company is consistent with your brand. All of your literature, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and advertising should promote your brand. This may surprise you but you and everyone in your company (involved in promotions) should be carrying the branding-theme even in conversations. When you have time, look up "Elevator Speech" or "Elevator Pitch" in Google. This is important in brand building and promotion too.

Sell Yourself/Product
This seems easy and intuitive. It is not necessarily so. You have done all your fine branding work in customer identification but do you know precisely what will attract them to your business? if you have 'complex' customers or products you need to create a compelling 'common' marketing theme (or themes) and then lead them to the specific product or service of interest. Of all the media available for your advertising thrusts, the Internet turns out to be the most cost effective and compelling IF you can get your website(s) on their computers. Cadre can't help you with your print media advertising but we can help you establish your brand and business in the Search Engines.

Maintain & Grow
Congratulations, you are done! Well, not really. As stated above, circumstances change and businesses need to be both aware of these changes and to change with them or even lead them. Also, as your business grows you may see the need or desire to expand beyond the boundaries you initially set when establishing your brand. New markets, new demographic, expanded services or products. All of these events should cause you to revisit and rethink your branding and advertising thrusts.