Campaign Committee
Of The Campaign To Elect
Catherine W. Real, Circuit Judge
Circuit 13 Group 25


Welcome to the site of the Campaign Committee to Elect Catherine W. Real, as Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit, Group 25.

The enthusiasm with which Catherine's campaign has been received by the public has been overwhelming. Catherine W. Real, as a Judicial Candidate, is prohibited by law from soliciting campaign contributions directly. But we, as her campaign committee, are authorized by law to do so on her behalf.

Your generous support of Catherine W. Real's candidacy will help us continue to spread the word about Catherine's leadership, formidable background and her unique approach to a better judiciary.

Grass Roots Campaign: Catherine is running a grass roots, community based campaign and would appreciate your support. She has voluntarily set additional limitations on the contributions that she will accept. She will…

  • Accept No Contributions From Lawyers or Their Firms
    She has refused to accept contributions from lawyers, their families or firms because of her belief that contributions from lawyers may be perceived by the public as an effort by lawyers to buy influence with a judge.
  • Limit Direct Campaign Contributions From Non-Lawyers
    Further, Catherine has limited to $50 the direct contributions that she will accept from non-lawyers, even though the law permits a judicial candidate to accept contributions up to $500 per person.

Contributions To Catherine's Campaign May Be Made:

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By Mail:

Make The Check Payable To:
The Campaign To Elect Catherine W. Real,
Circuit Judge

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Mail The Check To:
Campaign Committee
The Campaign To Elect
Catherine W. Real
Circuit Judge, Circuit 13, Group 25
P.O. Box 4790
Tampa, FL 33677
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