Our Web Site Development Process: Step-by-Step

This page, and its links, describes the step-by-step process that we follow so that we meet your business needs. Along the way we also make sure that the design and appearance enhances your business presence.

We address both your business and appearance goals.

The process that we recommend, and the order is important, is one that will take you from your "statement of needs" and concept to the final product with the least amount of pain, time, and costs. We assist you in each step along the way. Each of these steps is discussed when you click on one of the navigation buttons below. They will take you to the specifics of each topic.

Our Challenge To You
If you are looking for a business site web site developer then navigate through Cadre's process. See if you agree that what we believe to be important - your site should reflect well on you and represent your business objectives and goals - is also important to you.

Go to any competing developer's site and, on their site, see if they even mention business needs and goals or do they just want to "produce a great site for you" with no published thoughts to how they'll meet your most important needs? How many even suggest a competitor analyses? Do they want to understand you, your business and your long term goals? When you are done with the rest, come back to the best & let us work with you so that you can realize your goals - a site that is attractive to your clients and serves & enhances your business!

When you are satisfied that Cadre is your kind of business website developer go to our Intake Form and let us know what your needs are.

Without them, any path will do!

I may not be able to define style, but I'll know it when I see it!

Good "Navigation Aids" will help to keep your visitors at your site. Poor "Navigation Aids" will drive them away as "quick as a click."

Content is king!

More than just a pretty face!

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