Search Engine Optimization: An art form and a science!

Our SEO detail pages (links below) are private pages reserved primarily for our clients. We don't claim any unique knowledge about Search Engines and optimizing web sites such that they rank well; the only people who can make such claims are the staff of the search engines themselves. However, Cadre has developed techniques and tools to create the proper mix of the elements required to achieve and maintain high rankings in the major Search Engines.

On a daily basis, we keep up with the information posted about the ever changing algorithms and techniques required to keep our clients' sites well positioned in the Big 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo, & MSN).

Why do we publish such details?  First, our clients needed to know what we were doing on their behalf to get their sites well positioned in the search engines. Second, we believe that the combination of successful techniques and tools that we use for our clients is one of the reasons they chose Cadre to be their web site developer and what and how we do it is competition sensitive. Finally, site SEO is a cooperative effort between Cadre & our clients and they need to know the how's and why's in order for us to work together.

Why are these pages kept private?  It became clear to us that the mystique of SEO needed explaining to both our clients and our trusted (soon to retain us) prospective clients. If you are one of our prospects, contact us for the password needed to view these details pages. The magic is somewhat in what to do but mostly in how we successfully do it.

The right techniques with the timely use of the right tools makes Cadre successful and in turn makes you successful too!

SEO - Art & Science
There are scores of factors involved in achieving and maintaining good Search Engine rankings. We are highlighting what we call the "Cadre egg carton set" - the top dozen key factors that lead to early success and allow us to keep your site at the top as the winds of search engine algorithms change.

While all of the major search engines use different algorithms, the end goal of all three is the same: to provide the searcher with the most relevant results available. It is this one common thread that makes it possible for Cadre's SEO process to result in a website highly ranked across all the major engines. While there are a variety of factors at play and an even wider variation in the weight each of these factors are given the possible variations that can produce relevant results are limited. If you are interested in the details of Cadre's SEO approach, look at the pages referenced below to see why these "golden eggs" are important.

Our clients and qualified prospects have access to the pages (links) below. For non-clients, to gain more information on how we address these topics, contact us. Please note: After reading the pages below, if you have particular questions on some of the topics or others that we have not addressed, call us or use our contact form and we'll answer them immediately. Please note, the links to the SEO topics below are password protected.